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What our clients are saying

Kagnar Som and her assistant did such a wonderful job on keeping in contact with me regarding my case. She’s very thorough in every detail and have answered my questions in a timely matter. I highly recommend Kagnar Som.

Maria February 26, 2020

I was in a really bad car accident while on vacation in WA and a friend recommended the firm of Edward K Le. Kagnar was the attorney in charge of my matter and she guided me through the process patiently and helped me get a fair settlement even though the process was long and at times, frustrating. I am a Singaporean and the American legal system is completely different from what I'm used to back home so I am very glad I had Kagnar's help to navigate the process.

Denyse July 14, 2019

Kagnar made our whole experience wonderful. She really cared about our well being and the end result of all our therapy. She made sure that our best interest was protected and that despite our accident that we came out of knowing we got the fair and just compensation. Kagnar and her team made everything from paperwork and documentation a breeze. I will always recommend her to anyone needing help.

Lana November 28, 2018

I was rear ended in a MVA when I was 8 months pregnant and sustained an injury to my shoulder. With a baby coming soon, I didn't want to deal with all of the paperwork, phone calls, and time with the other persons insurance. I hired Kagnar to take care of my case. She went above and beyond, she was on the insurance daily, when they did not respond to deadlines we took it to litigation. She was able to get the maximum amount out of the other insurance as well as my UIM. She continually called and emailed to check in on me to make sure I was doing okay. She made me feel like she truly cared, more than just a job or case. If I had questions on the weekend or late at night, I got answers that day. She is so easy to work with and makes sure you are taken care of.

Courtney September 14, 2016

Kagnar was so friendly and incredibly approachable. She was knowledgeable in the field and was always easy to reach. She is personable and really do show that she cares for her clients. Kagnar explained my rights to me from the beginning and was always there each step of the way until the minute my cases settled. She took time to prep me for my depositions and made sure to provide updates on my case whenever possible so that I was never out of the loop. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and would come to her if I ever needed an attorney in the future.

Kim April 14, 2018

Kagnar was very detail oriented in how she handled my case. It was medical negligence and I was left with some very disabling physical consequences. Kagnar was very patient with me as a person and allowed me time to process what I needed to go through to get me ready for trial. She understood how emotionally difficult it was to go through what had happened to me over and over again as part of the process it takes to bring such an injury to trial.

I could not have made it through the process without her.

Anonymous December 17, 2012

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